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Place a Logo at Instistusi Plate Ditilang

VIVAnews -Apparatus of the Directorate of Traffic Police of the Metro Jaya began to give sanction to the owner of a vehicle speeding ticket get caught putting up the coat of arms of institutions in the vehicle registration plate. Regulation implemented today, Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

"We do law enforcement focused on the plate number attributed coat of arms-coat of arms of the institution. If we violate speeding tickets, "said the head of the section Penindakan Violation Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya Kompol Adhie Santika Jakarta.

His opinion, the owner of a vehicle in violation of the subject Article 280 juncto Article 68, paragraph 1 of law No. 22 of 2009 about Traffic and Road Transport. "If terbukiti breaking record charged with speeding ticket fines at Rp500 thousands," he said.

Even so, the word penilangan is only done Adhie, to the owner of the vehicle in violation of technical specifications plate or not in accordance with the provisions issued by the national police. "If the arms are just tacked on the side of us off. But if it does not comply with spektek (technical specifications) would ditilang, "light of him.

In addition to the menilang user license plate having institutions, Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya will also regulate the wearer as civil and rotators are not appropriate uses. "Civilians who get caught using as civil and rotator will be dealt with. We will be speeding tickets, "he added.

This operation, he said, will continue to be promoted especially in moment of Dutiful Jaya intended Operations creating awareness orderly passed-cross the owner of the vehicle. "Operation like this routinely do. However, in the Operation, we will optimize your Wayward Jaya. " (eh)

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