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BNP2TKI Gerebek PJTKI illegal in Bekasi

VIVAnews – National Agency for Labor placement and protection of Indonesia (BNP2TKI) raided the shelter services company Employment Indonesia (PJTKI) Binus Center located on the highway Teak Makmur, Pondok Gede, Bekasi, West Java, Saturday 19 July, 2011.

At that location, BNP2TKI there are dozens of candidates are not worth leaving for TKI. They are mostly still under age, illiteracy, the sick, there was even a central pregnant.

"Raids carried out against the two PJTKI. Namely PT. Pandu and PT Wira Creations that accommodate the TKI candidate Binus Center. PT. Wira Creations Tours also have shelter TKI in Ratna, Pondok Gede, "says Kasubid BNP2TKI, Prevention of illegal TKI Kombes Pol Yunarlim Munir, on site penggrebekan.

"From PT Pandu, officers secure the 68 people and of PT Hero Creations tours, 29 people," Yunarlim added.

Yunarmin said the raids carried out after getting reports from the public through call center BN2TKI. Armed with that information, the BNP2TKI then do an investigation. After making sure the information is correct, directly carried out the raids.

From examination results while potential TKI, found six people under the age of Dompu, Sumbawa region and West Nusa Tenggara. They are aged between 13-15 years. In addition, found two TKI pregnant, two of the sick, and a dozen other illiterate.

"We will do this logging to prospective TKI one by one. But from the initial inspection it was clear there was an error, because sending a TKI minors, "said Yunarlim.

The TKW In Captivity

Meanwhile, one of the candidates from the TKI Sumbawa was 13 years old, Rusmiati, says, that he set out with a dozen other people from NTB. Rusmiati promised work in Saudi Arabia with dozens of real salary through the services of a sponsor in his hometown.

They have three weeks was in the building Binus Center. During his time in the shelter, it is not permissible mobile bringing and communicating with outside parties. In fact, if you want to buy something to go through those in shelters. "We are in captivity and may not be out of the room," he added.

The nominees will at TKI troubled pulangkan to his hometown each facilitated by BNP2TKI. While the owners and employees of these two PJTKI are still in check intensively in Bekasi City Polresta. (Report: Erik Hamzah | Bekasi)

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