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Pajero Weapons found at Parung Charged

VIVAnews -Mitsubishi Car Pejero which contains the firearm found in the area Highways Kemang, Bogor, West Java, right in front of Mosque Alhidayah, Kemang. Not yet known who the owner of the vehicle. Nowadays the police are still conducting investigations.

Kapolsek Kemang, Bogor, Commissioner Paul Djeke speak that of car B 1090 WLO berwana silver with stripes motif, found the gun, weapon, files, books, and a proposal aimed at some establishments. "Still waiting for tim Gegana came. We anticipated the possibility of another, "he said, Thursday, July 26, 2011.

While according to Ta'mir Mosque Alhidayah, h. Miswan, that car was already in front of the mosque since Monday night. Citizens who suspect the car was then reported to the Executive Board of the mosque. "We immediately report to the police, because it looks there are weapons in the car," he said.

Police have been neutralizing the area around the car was by placing a line of police to anticipate the possibility of other dangerous goods in the car. Dozens of residents at this time also began to arrive for a close look at the events.

Report: Ayatollah Humaeni | Bogor

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