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Mental Disorders Have A Polantas Beater

VIVAnews -head of public relations Polda Metro jaya, Commissioner Baharudin Djafar said, has One Brigade Molesters Mulyana disturbances of the soul. Gan Thien I beat Mulayana because it is not accepted after ditilang because it does not turn on his motorcycle headlights during the day.

According to Baharudin, it came to light when investigators had some questions to Gan. But answers to questions that are not correlated disconnected or not. "Thence we conclude the perpetrators had mental and behavioural disorders," said Baharudin, Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

Bahar, when knowing explained the offender undergoes mental and behavioural disorders, investigators eventually contact parents requesting information on the conditions of Gan. From recognition of a parent, it turns out that Gan was still in control of a mental hospital.

"His family said it had no letters of when the offender is sick and in the supervision of a doctor because of the disturbances of the soul," he said.

Although mental and behavioural disorders, is said to have up to now the Gan still checked but not arrested. This afternoon, parents Gan mengdatangi plan would provide for the Police Department an affidavit of mental and behavioural disorders. "We allow parents Gan sayangkan why riding a motorcycle on the road," Julie insists Baharudin.

Earlier, members of the unit of care and settings (Gatur) of the Directorate of Traffic Briptu Metro Polda Jaya, Mulyana Cherub around red light Cideng, Central Jakarta, was hit With Thien I, a motorist who don't want to ditilang.

The incident began when Gan is not light the lamp exploded his vehicle while on the Road dijalanan MH. Thamrin tetatnya next to Bangkok Bank. Mulyana initially rebuked Gan to immediately blame the light thereof his motorcycle, because if it does not turn on the lights in the daytime is an offence. (eh)

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