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Need to wake up the embankment Rp50 T Giant

VIVAnews -Embankment of giant Jakarta not only created to anticipate trend of sinking the North Jakarta due to rising sea levels and a decrease in face of the land.

Technologies applied will withstand the attack of seawater, so according to this concept, the embankment is an important part in the development of water management in Indonesia. Although up to now there has been no design details about mega project, expected to be able to repair the water system in the capital as a whole.

Sawarendro, Deputy Representative, and the leadership of the Witteveen one Consortium member consultant Jakarta Coastal Defence Strategy (JCDS), says, the shape of a gigantic dike embankment which could either be in the middle section and made from the soil and sand while the exterior is protected by rocks.

There are geotekstil separating sand and help. The width of the top of the embankment is estimated at about 60 meters, with the slope of the embankment is about 1: 7 (1-7 of horizontal and vertical).

"Because of the wide enough, on top of the embankment could at once functioned as a highway or railroad, or both at once," said Sawarendro to the, Monday evening, July 25, 2011.

He added, as the highway (Highway or non toll), embankment is estimated to be made five lines or more, in each direction of traffic. The highway is so long and wide, it can be built without its liberation which always haunt the construction of road infrastructure for this.

Earlier, the Governor of Jakarta, Fauzi Bowo said, after the master plan completed, DKI Jakarta provincial Government will soon seek funds for the construction of the mechanism of public private patnership (PPP), because the funds needed to build the mega project reaches a trillion more Rp50.

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