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the mass Marriage Couples at 4661 Senayan

VIVAnews – As much as married couples 4661 en masse. Event reception held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday, July 19, 2011. Activities organised by the foundation of the lodge you and B Channel television station this will be followed by the bridal couple of the pre group of prosperous.

"This is for help with which is not capable of, which do not have access to and ability to meet the administration of such licenses. Even the oldest partner of the year, had reached 86 had a grandson but don't have the book or the Act of marriage, "said the Director of ' B ' Channel Sofia Koswara.

This marriage also will take place in the fifth cross-religion, that is religion in Indonesia will participate in this great party. However, given the rules that exist in Indonesia, there would be no different couples who married in a religious event.

"Out of 4661 pair, 3,000 of whom are Muslims," said Sofia.

Data collection and process of marriage was getting done since three months ago. Organizers working equals Pemda DKI to roll out mass inter-faith marriage.

"The difficulty, the issue of population administration, we give thanks to the ease of Pemda DKI. It was easily one of the night is up to no matter they are willing to marry, and therefore can reach that number, "said the Director of Corporate Affairs ' B ' Channel, Gilang Iskandar in the same place.

Uncountable since three months ago, the wedding process has already started to do. Once the organisers would indeed be married couples that are in unison 4661. However, given the time that is insufficient, then the marriage began to dicicil since three months ago and resepsinya held in unison.

"There are still about 200 people who will be married in Kalideres tomorrow. For the reception there will also be a wedding partner representative. So when a reception later there will be a representative of one pair of every religion, "said Gilang.

The concept of resepsinya, the glittering speak that they will also be assisted by Pemda DKI. The amount that reached thousands of people will also be accommodated at the Istora page, bearing in mind the capacity building that may not be sufficient.

"Each couple weds will be accompanied by two people. Capacity building may be insufficient, so the rest fit on the page, there will be a tent and a plasma TV, "said Gilang.

While this news is uploaded, the event underway. As a result, the flow of traffic around the location of the crash. "Traffic in The crowded Senayan because there is a SEVENTH activity," said TMC Polda Metro Jaya officers Briptu Adi Kurniawan.

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