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How To Write A Great Mystery Novel / Book ?

Writing a mystery is fun. Your imagination can soar. You can play with your readers, intrigue them, twist their minds with your plotting and then zap them with an exciting mystery ending. What fun!
� �Problem is, mystery readers are pretty smart characters themselves. They’re not easily fooled - and their continuing interest requires your forensics to be accurate, your plot to make sense, and your characters to fit the role you’ve created for them.
� �OK, so you really do have to work at it!�How to Write a Great Mystery Novel / Book ?�
� �Ask any mystery writer though - writing mysteries really is fun! But it does require a lot of resources and background information to make the stories real for your readers. So where do you find information on forensics, plotting, and character creation?
� �You can spend hours and hours online looking for information. You can spend more hours and hours searching for experts in forensics or someone on a police force that will help you.
� �You can simply look up the resource you need in Murder By Proxy.�

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