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Mass In Shining Black Went To MNC TV

VIVAnews -hundreds of people in shining black, since the early days had come to Office in the area of MNC TV Road Entrance II, Taman Mini, East Jakarta. They claim to come to bersilahturahmi with the officers of the MNC, but the police claimed that mass arrival was allegedly strong is the aftermath of television ownership disputes formerly TPI.

Their number is estimated at more than 800 people and claiming to come from Lebak, Banten, West Java. A number of people kept screaming ' TPI ' life.

Bureau Chief Operational Polda Metro Jaya, Commissioner, ensure that the masses Sujarno coming from: 00 WIB, is one of the supporters of the party are at loggerheads capture company.

"Do not know the substance of the case, but theirs is a mass of one of the supporters. They come from 00 hours, "said Sujarno to VIVAnews, Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

Today hundreds of people began preparing to dissolve. Once before, leader of the MNC TV met with leadership of the masses. Police officers already on guard Sujarno said to anticipate unwanted actions. "There is no anarchist actions that occur. They disbanded with the code of conduct, "he said.

Originally the crowds to make jams, but with the help of street traffic manager officer, now already well back.

TPI or the now renamed MNC TV does being disengketakan in court. The Tribunal judges, Central Jakarta District Court had already won the Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana against Joint work owned by PT Blessing Hary Tanoesodibyo. The case is still continuing. In addition to mengugat to get the blessings, as well as Legal and human rights mengugat Ministry.

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