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Make An Electronic ID CARD Only Took Two Minutes

VIVAnews -as much as complementary implementation of card tool 707 identification of electronic (e-ID) deployed to 267 subdistricts of Jakarta beginning today, Wednesday, July 27, 2011. After the delayed distribution of ancillary tools, it's finally done.

In the meantime, pending the installation of the network in each village will be completed on 31 July, the Ministry's new e-ID CARD, will be conducted starting early August date.

The Director General of the Ministry of the Interior Population, Irman ensure, the creation of e-ID CARD will not be free. According to the Minister of the Interior circulars sent to the rest of Indonesia.

"It is anticipated, there is a circular from the Minister of the Interior, that for the e-ID CARDS are free alias free. This Info is already up to his Office, "said Irman, when performing a test e-ID CARD in Kelurahan of Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Delivered Irman, later there will be a companion at any district officer to monitor the implementation of the e-ID CARD service. It is to find out quickly if there is a violation of.

"In every sub-district Companion, then they will be reported. We will monitor it, "he said.

His system of e-ID CARD that applied this is history in the field of population in Indonesia. In fact, he claimed, this system is better than that applied in China and India. "This system is similar to that applied in Germany," as the star.

After trials, the procedure of making an e-ID CARD in full swing and only takes a short time. In just over 2 minutes 11 seconds, the applicant's ID CARD photos themselves can be recorded, the name, age, fingerprints, as well as the iris of the eye.

In short, the data is directly sent to the database at the Ministry of the Interior and the ID CARD was printed directly. At first, it is estimated the service e-ID CARD requires time for 4 minutes for every mandatory ID CARDS.

Even so, in that trial, bio recorded only the names and place of the applicant's date of birth, and other data is not listed, such as an address, religion, occupation, and more. "If the full entry, it took only four minutes," said Irman again. (umi)

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