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Marak Tawuran, There Has Been No Firing Command

VIVAnews -Metro Area Police are still hunting five people Jaya alleged strong as a provocateur and perpetrators of destruction as happened in the Johar Baru tawuran, Central Jakarta, which occurred Sunday and Monday all day yesterday.

Head of public relations Polda Metro Jaya, Commissioner Baharudin Djafar said, the two actors who was still relatively young arrested at tawuran happened Monday afternoon.

Police admit late anticipate the occurrence of tawuran in the last two days. Avoid similar, police now adds the troops in the region.

"Previously it less rapidly came on the scene, while still small supposed tawuran muted," said Baharudin, Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

When asked whether police would act firmly to the shooting, as often happens. tawuran It's still going to give priority to preventive action.

"This action is carried out in accordance with the conditions in the field. Shooting could have been done, "said Baharudin again.

On Sunday morning, five tawuran happened in Jakarta at about the same time. Even though it did not cause victims, but many reports of residents who feel uneasy with this incident.

Data Traffic Management Center Polda Metro Jaya noted, the first occurred at tawuran 03.38 WIT, on the road Sunday market, South Jakarta. The second happened on the way Tawuran Otto Iskandar, East Jakarta, at 03.39 pm.

Two groups of youths involved throwing stones at each other which resulted in traffic jams. Not even they rarely use molotov to attack each other.

The third occurred at Tawuran 03.40 PM Two long road in coconut Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. Lingkutan conditions are solid making citizens uneasy because their homes are damaged due to the exposed stone.

Tawuran longest case in Johar Baru, Central Jakarta. This region already Tawuran occur repeatedly. Trivial Persolan has always been a trigger tawuran in this area. After the clash on Saturday night and Sunday morning, tawuran happen again on Monday afternoon.

In fact, Pemrov Jakarta regional police force, along with Metro Jaya lend a hand to anticipate that tawuran in Johar Baru not repeated again. Lastly, at 04.21 WIT, the fragment antarpemuda tawuran Caman, Kalimalang. (umi)

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