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JAWA Provide 6,500 Buses Up to Go

VIVAnews -To anticipate a surge in passengers during the current diesel Lebaran 2011, Office of Transportation Jakarta provides 6,500 buses reserves. Jakarta residents estimated that will go Between City bus Lebaran Between provinces (AKAP), up 10 percent of the amount of the previous year to reach pemudik 2.2 million people.

The head of the Department of transportation Jakarta, Pristono says, Is bus regular AKAP currently available will be operated. While the reserve bus provided, among other things, such as buses and city bus that his condition was good.

"The Bus that is only additional reserves, bus raguler continued to operate as usual," said Pristono in Jakarta, Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

According to Pristono, while unused, spare buses remain in the pool, respectively. When needed, then head of terminal coordination with pool. Currently there are four main terminal serving the pemberangakatan between the province, i.e. terminal Lebak Bulus, Tanjung Priok, Kampung Rambutan and Pulo Gadung.

In addition, it also provided 11 terminal assistance. This Terminal meruapakan terminal between cities, such as the Rawamangun, Ragunan, Tendean, Sunday market, and Senen.

"This year there will also be the terminal help to communities that would go more access to more," he said.

Regular buses which are currently available about 3 thousand fleet. So far, add Pristono, regular buses could still accommodate the number of passengers who would go on vacation, given the many companies that hold activities of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) go together.

"Last year a reserve bus provided unused. But still we provided, "as the star.

It was thought, for this year there will be about 15 companies which hold forth together. Registration of companies that will hold the event with my own home town, performed at the Ground Transportation Director General.

"Trennya was like that. There are even companies that also carry motor, "said Pristono.

He added, mode of transportation used pemudik from Jakarta varies, such as using trains, aircraft, and vehicles. He predicted the peak flow forth time this happened on the H-3 Idul Fitri. While for the feedback, it is estimated there will be at the same time. (umi)

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