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JAWA: there is a fault of the Kalibata City

VIVAnews -DKI Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo asked for investigation of events amblasnya eight houses which were near the land the City was soon accomplished Apartment Kalibata. Currently, the Government of South Jakarta Mayor and Office of licensing and supervision of the building (Religion) Jakarta immediately call the developers.

"I've ordered the Mayor of South Jakarta, and Religion to initiate an investigation, if indeed there is a fault of the developers will be called," said Fauzi Bowo on Jakarta's City Hall, Friday, July 29, 2011.

Meanwhile, when contacted, head of The Religion Department of planning and Sturukturalisasi Jakarta, a priest, saying, he has been doing some checking directly into the field. The result of the investigation, said a priest, there really is a fault of the developer.

"The information I can from the field indeed failure occurred, land already researched retaining walls for later reinforced in order not to mention similar events occur," he said.

According to the Priest, the developers had already met with residents to do musyarawah. The deal has also been achieved and the developers are willing to give redress to citizens whose house was hit by a landslide.

"I have been commanded to developers to make improvements as soon as possible, and they agreed to immediately fix it," he said.

General Affair Kalibata City, Benny Suveltra said, the current excavation work to create a variant of dividing apartment with the parapet adjacent to pemukimanan citizens were stopped.

"That is not the case it is similar, the ground was once excavated already leveled again. This is done so that an atmosphere conducive, "said Benny.

From the collection of data and facts on the ground, the developer ensures that the events of amblasnya land in the land as a result of natural conditions of the apartment. Heavy rain made it perimeter walls of the houses collapsed due to ground water eroded.

The developer also ensure there is no impact on the construction of apartment tower of 17 amblasnya soil as deep as three meters in the trousers 12 hectares more of it. (eh)

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