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In the UI, She bikes from Starch to Kayuh Depok

VIVAnews -the promise is a debt to be paid. Because of that promise, it is also a bicycle pedaling Zalaluddin willingly from Pati, Central Java, until to Depok, West Java. Cycling as far as 600 km further it reached Zalal to fulfill her vows shall stand if he received at the State University.

"That's my promise to the creator as well as friends," said Zalaluddin during VIVAnews.comdealt with.

The owner of the name Muhammad Fitri Sofan Zalaluddin tells the story, while sitting on the bench class 3 high school, he did often say things to friends of the school, will be biking to the campus that received it. Zalaluddin finally accepted in the Department of history of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Indonesia.

Without thinking, long after it was announced in the UI, gave his commitment to direct Zalal votive. He departs Tuesday, July 19, 2011, released by the teacher and his colleagues at SMA 1 Starch. "Both parents, friends, teachers, all support me," she said.

Ride a bicycle going along those, Zalal departed single-handedly with supplies and money to the sober. During the journey, a variety of unique events he experienced. Starting from transvestites harassed, fed by thugs, to meet old man broom seller's marks. "Of all that, I was most impressed to meet great people at Alas Roban," he relates.

Great people he meant is that men aged 75 years every day interesting fruit broom wagon contains 60 marks. Seller's daily commute as far as 40 kilometers to peddle wares. "He was tough as hell. What I did is not nothing compared to him, "said Zalal.

For the rest, parking in the vacant Zalal or petrol stations. "Often in the Cafe and houses," he added. He stopped perjalananan to simply eat or waste water.

On Sunday afternoon, July 24, 2011, any Zalal arrived at the destination. He was greeted by his friends who joined in community Starch in Depok. Pride in conquering the chill of the night and sharp slopes of Alas Roban more complete when the award was given Dean FIB UI, Bambang Wibawarta, as a reward for persistence Zalal.

Awards handed Monday yesterday. Dean also promised to help Zalal to get relief from the tuition fees and student boarding facilities-family in the UI. And if he achieves, the Faculty of History will find UI also promised scholarships for her. (kd)

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