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Hollow Road in West Jakarta, Most

VIVAnews -hollow Road which is one of the causes of the high accident in Jakarta are even still many encountered on the roads. Jakarta Barat, an area that has terlubang most after the North Jakarta.

According to the Deputy Director of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya • Tomex Korniawan, road in West Jakarta has the most holes is the Way S Parman. Even this area was the most severe.

Is currently being done on logging on a perforated Road will be submitted to the Office of public works Jakarta, to be immediately acted upon.

"We submit it to The PU JAWA, because it is their authority. Since long there has been no change in the pits, "said Tomex, Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

Tomex noted, with the number of holes that have not been taken care of improving kecelakan for the resulting path, especially two wheeled vehicles passing at night.

From the data that belongs to the Metro Polda Jaya Traffic Directorate, the area that has not seen any improvement among other things, the way of Da'an Mogot was, S Parman, Gatot Subroto, Kelapa Gading, Jalan Raya Cakung-as well as Categories.

Based on data as well, about 10 percent of the cause of the accident caused due to damaged roads. That is, from January to May 2011, happening 329 cases of accidents from the case due to 3,361 donated the road were damaged.

In addition to within the city, the road conditions that do not support the users of vehicles generally are also in the suburbs of Jakarta.

The increasing number of cases of accidents is accompanied by an increase in the number of victims of both deaths, injured, or injuries.

The number of fatalities in 2006 recorded 5.688 people, 2007 as much as many people, 2008 6.742 8.083 people, 2009 as 9.624 people, 2010 as much as 10.346 people, and January-may of 2011 as 4115 people.

"We hope, the authorities can make improvements on the roads particularly busy roads traveled road users," he said.

DKI Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo recognize there are limitations in conducting management damaged roads Jakarta. These limitations range from anggran and others. However, it should not be an excuse to The PU JAWA to make improvements.

"It can be exchanged, if that was so severe it could be addressed terlabih. To which yet severe could be delayed, "said Fauzi Bowo.

By PU Foke, also it should also have known streets which should be addressed. Because, for that all have the age. So, when to be patched again and when to dilayer. He asked PU, could soon make better planning so that the road was damaged again in the capital could have handled it well.

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