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Family Mediation Irzen Octa-Citibank Failed

VIVAnews -peace through mediation efforts between the wife of the late Irzen Octa, Esi Ronaldi, with Citibank NA eventually stranded. The Citibank insisted were not willing to pay damages is required.

"It turns out that there has been no good faith of the Citibank NA, the mediation had failed, so two weeks away we would go to the subject matter," said the power law of Esi, Ficky Fiher Ahmad at the Central Jakarta District Court, Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

Ficky claimed was disappointed with the Citibank does not mengggubris peace bid submitted his clients and also does not meet the request of the parties (alm) to bring the head Irzen Octa Citibank Branch Scheme in the mediation process. "The trial will be directly listen to the response of the Citibank," light of him.

Meanwhile, the power law of Citibank NA, Otto Hasibuan claimed many of the factors that led to the mediation has not been successful. "A lot of factors to be considered party to Citibank. The number Rp60 billion it's not a very small amounts, but because the Tribunal judges ordered to ready, yes we are ready, "he said.

However Otto did not rule out during the trial takes place, the peace process can still walk.

"It's just a process of mediation of succession only. Peace can still be performed when entering the subject matter, so it's not that mediation is not successful, "he said.

Earlier, family Irzen Octa bid to Citibank Rp60 billion to was. However, to keep family lawsuit, demanding damages of Rp3 billion over the company's credit card issuer.

The wife of the late Irzen Octa, Esi Ronaldi sues Citibank over the death of her husband to the Central Jakarta District Court. This lawsuit Attorneys registered by Pegawai number 161 PDT.C/2011/PN.JKT.PST.

In the lawsuit, the family asked the defendants to pay the loss of material and immaterial of Rp1 Rp2 trillion trillion. (umi)

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