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His Wife Complained To The Prosecutor's Office Irzen Okta

VIVAnews --the wife of the late Irzen Okta today calling on Attorney General's Office around 10: 30 pm. Esi Ronaldi complained to the Attorney-General Young Supervisor (Jamwas) because the letter of complaint to the Attorney General's Office has not himself was also addressed. In fact, the letter concerning the petition for protection of the law to the Attorney General's Office it's been trading since July 11, 2011.

"I, along with the wife of the late Irzen, Esi Ronaldi. There are some things we wanted to pass on to Jamwas. Hopefully want to accept, we question the imposition of article 335 of the unpleasant works "Word Power family law Irzen Octa, Slamet Yuwono complex at Ago, Thursday, July 28, 2011.

According to Slamet case haven't gotten clarity, especially in criminal and civil liability as well as the alleged involvement of Citibank who are not management dijerat in this case. When it happens in the offices of Citibank. "From the beginning we questioned why current party Citibank has not been designated as a suspect," he said.

Slamet also charge Local Metro Police Chief promises Jaya which was then ruled by Inspector Sutarman. Kapolda, said Slamet then say before a case is allowing Citibank could be dijerat, not just the debt colector which is outsorching but the management of Citibank.

"But after his case even the Prosecutor's Office said the Citibank can not dijerat in this article," he said.

Docket over five suspects had been declared complete and made separate. The files for three suspects that Lukman Arief, Donald Late and Hendri Waslinton. While the two other suspects which Yunizar and Boy Anto still in research.

FYI, the Octa Irzen is Secretary General of the nation's Unity Party (PPB) was killed after allegedly molested by a debt collector when he was about to ask the number of tagihannya in the Office of Citibank. (ren)

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