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Four Ring Action Safeguards INA-Turkmenistan

VIVAnews Metro Polda Jaya Police-has prepared four-ring security to secure the Pre-written action between the World Cup For Indonesia against Turkmenistan night later, Thursday, July 28, 2011. As many as 2,400 combined personnel will also be deployed as early as during the day.

Head of public relations Polda Metro Jaya, Commissioner Baharudin Djafar explains, the addition of the supporting units were also carried out. Especially the car fire wag and ambulances.

Security held a four-layered ring. Ring 1 in areas of the stadium, where the match took place. Ring 2, Ring 3 Tribune spectators outside the stadium and ticket sales locations, and Ring 4 in a number of roads to the Senayan.

"Of course the car Barracuda and water cannon have disiagakan early," said Baharudin, Thursday, July 28, 2011.

The deployment of personnel will be conducted since 12.00 o'clock. Officers from the unit Brimob, Polres Samapta, and Investigators, will escort the supporters at the place of purchase and exchange tickets to anticipate the onset of battle. Another officer will check the supporters of the main entrance starts Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

"Our anticipation of battle moment ticket exchange. Since the main entrance is also checked for combing a sharp weapon. This is so that the audience does not interfere with the course of the match, "he said.

On the first leg in Ashgabat city, July 23, 2011, Indonesia had managed to hold a draw against host Turkmenistan 1-0. Although Indonesia was lagging passing touchdowns Vyaceslav Krendelev got to retaliate, but before the end of the match through gol Muhammad Ilham. In the second leg, Indonesia only needed a 0-0 draw results to advance to the next stage.

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