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Entrepreneurs: A Matter Of Bad, Don't Blame The Mall

VIVAnews -Chairman of the Association of managers of the Shopping Centre, Indonesia Handaka Santosa disagree if the existence of the Mall in Jakarta accused as mast congestion. According to him, many shopping malls that will parse the bottleneck.

"With a large number of malls, then the community is not focused on one place only. Just imagine if there was only one, how the crowded shopping malls, "said VIVAnews.comHandaka to.

The statement was delivered in response to Government plans Handaka Jakarta pause (moratorium) permits the establishment of a shopping center. JAWA rate of growth of shopping malls in Jakarta during this quite rapidly. So the conditions that have brought the implications for congestion traffic.

Things were given police. Head of Sub Directorate of security and safety (Kansel) Directorate of Traffic Police of the Metro Jaya, Assistant Commissioner of Jacob Dedy Employees say, the construction of shopping malls in Jakarta is already out of control. Many factors are not taken care of during development, one of which is an analysis on the impact of traffic.

For, nowadays almost all over the place became a contributor to the bottleneck, because a lot of standing in the region.

However, Handaka menampiknya. He revealed, the congestion continues to haunt Jakarta not caused any Mall. "If it is already granting jammed Jakarta," he added. The establishment of the Mall in an area is as an alternative so that citizens do not travel far.

Meanwhile, Handaka hope moratorium does not apply within the period lama. Currently, in Jakarta have 68 shopping centre that includes a mall and a trade center. And in the next few years, this sector is expected to grow about five could still be up to 10 percent of the total which exist today.

"With the per capita income for the citizens of Jakarta who reached 10 thousand United States dollars (US), and the growth of the economy 6.5 percent. The market was still able to absorb the existence of new shopping centers, "explained Handaka convey. (adi)

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