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Elections Bekasi Budgeted Two Rounds

VIVAnews -Election Commission (KPU) city of Bekasi, proposed the funding of Rp40 billion rupiah, to anticipate if Elections Bekasi end 2012, ending the dispute in the Constitutional Court. KPU immediately submits the budget for the two rounds.

"The first round will take place December 23, 2012. The funds were sufficient when the elections would have to pass two rounds, and it should also end up in COURT if there is a dispute, "said the Chairman of the city of Bekasi, Tb Hendy Irawan, in Bekasi, Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

So far so that funds could be in the akomodir through 2012, Hendy confessed BUDGETS already dialogue with Implementing the Mayor's Duties, grace Effendi Bekasi. "We are also always coordinate to equate the perception, facing elections," he said.

The city of Bekasi intentionally filed a large Fund, to anticipate when the elections went smoothly not Bekasi or any lawsuit from candidates who feel wronged. "The truth is to require only one round of the Election Fund of Rp27 billion," said Hendy again.

The first round of elections in Bekasi, December 23, 2012, if there is a second round will take place January 27, 2013 as well as when there is a dispute of the case will be terminated by MK 2 months later. "The elections have been we prepare, do until there is a vacuum of leadership," Hendy said.

In order not to overload the BUDGETS themselves hope Fund Hendy Bekasi district elections could be budgeted twice, i.e. from the fiscal year 2012 and 2013. "For the inauguration of Mayor/Deputy Mayor was elected recently conducted on 10 March 2013," he said.

Pemabahasan Draft BUDGETS Bekasi 2012 alone, it will be conducted later this year. Funding for the city of Bekasi, will be allocated to various things from the start socializing, honor the Election Committee, to hold the election tool.

Stages of the elections the new city of Bekasi, will take place in September 2012. "September next year we will start voter logging, formation of Election Committee Sub-district (PPK) and the Committee for Voting (PPS). If the registration of candidates for mayor, new in October 2012. "

Updates To The Data Selector

Currently the city of Bekasi continues to update the list of Voter (DPT) collaborated with The occupation of the town of Bekasi. "Our regular data Updates do three months ago, and according to the latest data the number of voters certainly rose to 500 thousand. But that number will continue to change, because verification continues to do, "he said.

DPT in Bekasi on previous Elections only 1.1 million inhabitants, but has now increased to 1.6 million. Population of the city of Bekasi currently reached 2.4 million more. "We also ask that town in the border regions to the anticipation of future mobilization. That's why we ask not to have multiple ID CARD owners, "he said.

Bekasi district elections next year will be crowded with prospective non-party or independent. "They must have photo copies of ID CARD and signature of the original support, from 3 per cent of the population. The terms were to be spread on 50 percent of the district, according to Act No. 32 of 2004 On local governance, "Hendy said.

In addition to independent candidates, there are 3 parties that estimated ready advanced candidate, that is brings PDI Perjuangan, Democratic Party and the MCC. "Conditions for a minimum of 7 seats in the Council, they have more," he said.

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