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Driver Selection TransJakarta Tightened

VIVAnews -Based data General Services Agency (BLU) Makan, the number of accidents involving the higher amount. busway To press the number of accidents, BLU will perform rigorous selection and acceptance of coaching for the pramudi bus TransJakarta.

Head of TransJakarta, Muhammad Akbar BLU says, coaching against pramudi is one of three programs that will be made to press the number of accidents that occurred.

"Coaching includes understanding signs or standard oprasional fleet with a speed of 50 kilometres per hour," said Akbar in Jakarta.

In addition, according to Akbar, it was also planning on doing some programs, such as handling complement and infrastructure, including the installation of traffic signs in breed busway and provide an appeal to the community to obey the rules where pedestrians or motorists are prohibited from passing.

He added, in order to implement this program, it will employ Transport Service (Dishub) in Jakarta.

"Moreover, we already know, previously Dishub are planning on doing exaltation of TransJakarta separator to anticipate the occurrence of an accident," he said.

The case of accidents involving bus TransJakarta 55 cases occur in 2011. These include the case of an accident that plagued Komariah, 60, Sunter, North Jakarta, yesterday, on Tuesday, July 26, 2011, until the victim is killed.

Komariah was killed after being hit by a bus TransJakarta B police numbered at mountain path IS 7997 Sahari, Central Jakarta, some at 08.30 pm. The scene is located right next to the Golden Boutique Hotel.

It was the victim of Central Cross in zebra, but the bus driver admitted to not see the victim because it hindered the flowers in the parapet of the road. The victims were killed at the scene with the wounded in the head after being hit by a bus driver-side front bumper.

This incident had provoked emotions of local citizens. Mass of the almost judgemental driver and damaging a bus. Lucky police quickly arrived on the scene and instantly secure your driver to the Bull with bus Pospol Field. The death toll was then immediately was rushed to RSCM, Central Jakarta.

Although the number of accidents involving bus TransJakarta this year, compared with the number of accidents decreased bus TransJakarta in 2010 in the same semester, i.e. reaching 66 cases, this number must be kept pressed. (umi)

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