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Commemoration of the July 27, avoid Diponegoro Street

VIVAnews -combination of "Activist, July 27," will be rolling out free speech in front of the former offices of the Democratic Party of Indonesia, Jalan Diponegoro 58, Central Jakarta, Sunday, July 27, 2011.

The event was to commemorate the events 15 years ago, i.e. the RAID the headquarters of the Indonesia Democratic party headquarters. This event became one of the current point to the political events of May 1998, the shifting of the Chair of the Presidency of Suharto.

According to information the TMC Metro Polda Jaya, free speech held at 9.00 pm. But officials have yet to figure out how many participants of the events. Despite the Police appealed to avoid Roads road users, because it would likely be Diponegoro affect the smooth flow of traffic around the site.

"With the existence of this activity should motorists avoid road where the activity takes place," said TMC Briptu Dawn as officers contacted

A question of diverting the flow and the closure of the road, Dawn said, all depends on the situation in the field. "The current conditions of heavy traffic, but there has been no diversion," he explained. (umi)

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