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Brigadier Avvy: I've Often Thought The HIGH SCHOOL Student

VIVAnews -for most television viewers, sweet and cute face Brigadier this Avvy Olivia might not familiar. Saban's morning and afternoon, his face often appeared on television screens. Yes, Avvy is one of the four police woman who often deliver traffic information from the National Traffic Management Center (NTMC) Police.

Avvy figure, who is now 28-year-old, known as the woman who is friendly and looking pretty. No wonder if became one of the women police idolakan. This is seen by the number of comments and compliments on Facebook, Twitter and forums site.

To, he shares the story of the downs underwent a profession dominated by men.

Avvy called into police because want to devote himself to serving the community. The story begins in April 2002 when police opened the registration receipt from Polda Metro Jaya woman. "I then register at Polsek Rebo Market, because it is living there. For six months at the police school for women, "he said.

Various experiences have many experienced woman who has had one child. Starting from overcoming men drunk on buses to be counted not as a member of the police but rather central student internships.

In the face of a drunken man he was afraid to menindaknya. The incident began when serving at Polres Soekarno-Hatta Airport. "There is a driver for help securing the men got drunk and makes onar in go. I was scared, but when I admonished him even smile and leave the bus, "he recalls with a laugh.

Other events, while serving in the Centre of the Ministry of police of the Metro Polda Jaya. Incidentally, Avvy Central received a report of one of the spouses lose the car.

After creating the report, the victim asked to him. "Ya this Polwannya where?" asked the reporters. "I am Mr. Polwannya," replied Avvy.  "Oh I think you're a HIGH SCHOOL kid again interned," replied again the rapporteur.

Career also continues to experience other cool Avvy as presenter of traffic information. It is not easy. Avvy pleaded often trouble performing in front of the camera. Various events funny ever experienced. One of these "slip of the tongue" when conveying information bottlenecks.

Avvy claimed to have no special preparation to appear. "Most have mastered the material presented and confident. To the salon remains, Yes at least once a month, "he said.

After presenting his popularity rise. The woman who loves sightseeing is often commended on Facebook or Twitter. "But there is also criticism," he said.

When asked whether you want to follow in the footsteps Briptu Norman? "It is not, and I don't selihai her joget (Norman)," joked the woman who was a stewardess for the national police.

She hoped women in Indonesia are interested in becoming a police officer. "Polwan should not be relied on sheer physical, but also need to be smart, "he said. (eh)

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