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2013, DKI Can investment in Railways

VIVAnews -PT KAI acknowledged currently requires a strong investor in order to improve the service.  Head of public relations of PT KAI, Sugeng Priyono hope the presence of investors can bring about change, but until now it was still awaiting a directive from the Ministry of economy the Coordinator of the associated issue. A new chapter, DKI can do in cooperation with PT KAI after 2013.

"The provincial Government of DKI should be patient because we're currently working on a focus for the airport railway in Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Manggarai Station. Probably after 2013 later we will be more seriously with the issue of cooperation with the provincial Government of DKI, "Decman when found in the House of Yasa, Manggarai UPT, to

Sugeng said today it had not been able to discuss further on the subject of this investment, because it has not got a direct recommendation of Ministry coordinator of the economy. However PT KAI remains suggest that the provincial Government of DKI want to invest in procurement of railway carriage Jabodetabek.

Until now, showing interest in investing is the new provincial Government of DKI. Sugeng says, if DKI interested also to repair station then there should be further talks with the Central Government or in this case the Ministry of transportation, the cause for the problem the authorities actions is a station on the Central Government, not the operator.

The reason investors are less interested in investing, according to Sugeng due to the amount of the investment must be large enough to be implanted. But he declined in value.

"As the picture, which is clearly to one of the former railway that's costing Japan-made Rp1 billion," he said.

The intention of the provincial Government of DKI is in fact not the first local government is carried out in 2004, after the East Java provincial government then had first invested in the field of KRL Surabaya – Sidoarjo.

As reported earlier, the Government of Jakarta has sent a letter to the Ministry of transportation-related funds in order to improve the readiness of the pengucuran service of Electric Rail Train (KRL). These wishes have been approved but are constrained by a fairly lengthy process of bureaucracy in the Ministry of Economic Coordination.

DKI Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo said since the beginning of this year Kemhub has to bless coming JAWA insiders were involved in operating the KRL to enhance service.

"We're currently preparing LOCAL (Local owned enterprises) to be instrumental in pengoperasionalkan KRL. I can assure you if LOCAL we prepare it has sufficient funds to invest in the field of railways, "said Fauzi.

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