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Trees Felled to 1,052 Busway Corridors XI

VIVAnews -in the interest of pembambangunan line busway corridors Kampung Melayu route XI-Pulo Gebang, a total of 1,052 tree felling and removal will be exposed. The tree was located along the way I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Bekasi Timur.

From 1,052 tree, only 490 that will cut down, and will be carried out at the end of July 2011. While other trees were moved to 562 treated first in the garden nursery in Ciganjur, and, Srengseng Tebet. Only about 65 percent of a strong and viable planted back.

"Wait for the letter out. Logging is done immediately after it as well as removal of trees, "said Linda to, Saturday, July 16, 2011.

Types of trees that will be affected by logging and removal, is Erythrina Variegata, Angsana, Mahogany, Asem kranji, Cape, Banyan, Glodokan, Glodokan, Tabebuya, Flamboyant, Lagerstroemia, and Golden Teak.

The criteria tree that will be moved is a tree with a diameter of the stem under 20 cm. of trees planted will be moved back, but before we strive to disehatkan again in the garden nursery.

"While the tree over 20 cm in diameter, was removed because it is considered old and could not be planted again," explains Linda.

Construction of Transjakarta bus line corridor Malay Kampong XI-Pulogebang targeted completion in late 2011. Currently still in the stage of the upcoming auctions and is thought to have been able to do the August signing of the contract.

Dishub JAWA provides funds amounting to Rp100 million public works Department, and Rp80 billion for the construction of the JAWA corridor consisting of 19 shelter.

Construction of the busway corridors will do include other supporting infrastructure and facilities. As the installation of traffic signs and road markers. This corridor will also be equipped park and ride facilities which enable users of personal vehicles and vehicle memakirkan continue re-use the bus.

Transjakarta bus lines were built along the corridor XI planned 20.5 kilometers with wide corridors 3,64 m. But some busway line later there will be a tangent to the other vehicle, because of the wide path that there is not sufficient to create a special line. (umi)

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