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Train Ticket Prices Do Not Rise Economic Lebaran

VIVAnews -PT Kereta Api (RAILWAY) already ensure no price increase for the train 2011 Lebaran this economy. The price increase only applies to commercial-grade such as executives and business.

From the whole diesel tickets provided, there are about 70 percent of which is an economy class ticket and the remaining 30 percent is commercial ticket.

"People do not worry, for economy class ticket is still intact for sale at the ticket office on the day of departure station H, whereas for Executive business class and scattered in the ticket office or online," said the head of public relations of PT KAI, Sugeng Priyono, in a press conference at Balai Yasa UPT Manggarai, Jakarta, Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

Sugeng says to KA mudik lebaran departure from H-5 to H + 11 planned there are 198 stage trip KA. To enhance the convenience of the community of PT KAI adds 26 trains in order to welcome the Idul Fitri.

In this year's Idul fitri mass transport, described Decman, PT KAI will tighten the tolerance 47,200. For Executive transport a maximum of 100 per cent capacity, there is no tolerance, while for maximum business class and 125 percent maximum economic 47,200 150 percent.

"We do not impose imbau to communities themselves when full, and do not rise in unison," he said.

Sugeng, a situation recognized mudik lebaran indeed identical to the flow of passengers and strife was sometimes difficult to avoid, as all passengers want to go in the same time and immediately got a seat.

"It will certainly not go KA orderly, uncomfortable, and not just in time. However, we will minimize any inconvenience this may, ketidaktertiban, and delays, "he said.

Passengers are expected to be introspective, do not use excessive jewelry in order to ensure the safety and comfort during home town using the train.

"Did we lose the officers to maintain security, but we can not guarantee the above KA no criminal offence," he added.

PT KAI have also anticipate some point prone on lines that bypassed the long-distance RAILWAY to mudik lebaran. The officer in this way the extra and rintang road are already prepared.

"It is prepared at any time any rintang roads or operating disturbances occurred, contains pads, emergency bridge, stone countered. Point-point landslide and flooding also already we prepare the map, "he said. (eh)

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