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The Tornado Dufan Jammed, Visitor Shock

VIVAnews – Tornado games in Dufan rides, Ancol, Jakarta experienced a crash when menggoncang 15 visitors, Wednesday, July 20, 2011. There were no fatalities in the incident, but the 15 visitors who climb the spacecraft experienced a shock.

Pademangan Police Chief Commissioner Ahmad Investigators David says, the rest of the visitors survived after being evacuated to manually. "They are unloaded manually using the stairs," said David.

David reveals that the events occurred, at around 06.00 pm. Then, there are 15 visitors who climbed the most stimulating adrenalin rides. But then, the fun visitors turned into horror and suspense. The Tornado suddenly jammed as visitors have gone up at an altitude of 4-5 metres in oblique position.

"But it was locked in a bangkunya position, so no visitors that drop," he said.

Mechanical officers who know the incident then maintains a visitor evacuation manually. One by one, the visitor is derived by using a makeshift ladder. "The process of evakuasinya lasted for half an hour," said he.

David says, it has to interrogate a number of mechanics in such incidents. From the results of the questioning while police did not find any element of, a criminal in the incident.

"If the criminal element it accidentif anything, there are victims. But this will remain our dalami, "he added.

However, it remains to be sambungnya into the incident. Thursday police will check tomorrow, people who are responsible for the operation of the spacecraft. "We will explore this issue, we will check it tomorrow," he said.

Meanwhile, police also asked the Dufan operational Tornado up to stop the time-limit that has not been determined for the sake of investigation. Even so, David assumed, no criminal elements in the incident.

Meanwhile, from the results of the interrogation officer mechanical, operational Tornado has implemented appropriate procedures. Before the tornado engine was tested dioperasionalkan, first by mechanical means.

"If after dioperasionalkan okay, from maintenance are submitted to its operational," he said.

If there are irregularities in the trial, Dufan will not run the spacecraft for the sake of the safety of visitors. "This morning when the test is not a problem, so that operations continue," he said.

He said, already have an ISO Dufan against a number of rides that are considered dangerous. According to David, there is no panic or hysteria of the visitors who get caught up in the probe. Once unloaded, the visitors were given a drink to calm down.

"No (hysterical), just a little shocked-shocked," said she. (Report: Arnes Korupsi | Jakarta Utara, eh)

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