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Tecplot Focus 2011 R1 v13.1.1.16309

Tecplot Focus gets you answers faster. It enables you to quickly plot all your engineering and test data exactly the way you want. Analyze and explore complex datasets, arrange multiple XY, 2D and 3D plots, and communicate your results to colleagues and management with brilliant, high-quality output. Save even more time and effort by automating routine data analyses and plotting tasks. Available on Windows, Linux and Mac, Tecplot Focus meets the needs of your multi-platform engineering group. Tecplot Focus is engineering plotting software that allows you to quickly plot all your engineering and test data exactly the way you want. Featuring extensive XY, 2D and 3D capabilities, Tecplot Focus is designed for measured field data, performance plotting of test data, mathematical analysis, and engineering plotting in general.

Key features:
• Unique, mnogokarkasnye layouts.
• Macros and automation.
• XY, 2D, and 3D building (vector, contour, polar, etc.).
• High quality vector and raster projects.

With Tecplot Focus, you can easily:
• Understand complex engineering systems
• Generate plots automatically
• Win recognition and communicate results with brilliant, high-quality output

Features include:
• Unique, multi-frame layout
• Macros and automation
• XY, 2D and 3D plotting (vector, scatter, contour, polar)
• High quality vector and raster output

This multi-platform engineering tool gives you total control and the ability to create every type of plot you need for effective analysis, presentation, and publication.

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