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Schedule of the market in Jakarta

VIVAnews -Jakarta Government will roll out Market in five areas of the capital. These cheap market held to suppress the rising prices of staple during Ramadan until Idul Fitri and Christmas.

Later, every area get a one-time chance to roll out the market and the production will be opened directly by the Governor of Jakarta, Fauzi Bowo.

The head of a small Micro-sized Cooperatives (KUMKM) Office of KUMKM and trade Jakarta, Irwandi, explaining the Market will be held for two days. Each day will provide cooking oil as much as 20 thousand ton, 2,500 packages costing USD $ 20 thousand per package from its original price Usd 40 thousand. "For rice and sugar, still/again how that will be provided," said Irwandi.

For the first, the market was carried out in Central Jakarta, on 26-27 July. Then in South Jakarta on 3-4 August, West Jakarta, on 15-16 August, the North Jakarta on 18-19 August, and Jakarta at 7-8 December. While the location of the Market has not been determined.

"In addition to groceries, we also provide clothing. Because the market is held also by the Lebaran, "added he.

Meanwhile, the provincial Government of DKI ensures secure basic food stocks. Therefore the community users are suggested not to worry the scarcity of basic food in the market place. The Governor of Jakarta, Fauzi Bowo said it seeks to ensure the smooth running of the distribution and availability of a staple with affordable prices.

Government of DKI has also been coordinating with Regional Divisions-Bulog Jakarta to hold a market, market, market operations and facing a month of fasting. (eh)

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