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The provincial Government of DKI Larang Event last meal on the highway

VIVAnews -Governor of DKI Jakarta, Fauzi Bowo, asking society to no longer show the title on the highways Capital Suhoor, commonly referred last meal on the road, during the holy month of Ramadan later. According to him, the ever-popular activities every month of fasting that can give rise to insecurity.

In addition to causing crashes, marches last meal on the road also feared to trigger conflict. "So if there is one group with another group, it can be exposed to things that are not desirable," said Governor Balaikota Jakarta, Tuesday, July 15, 2011.

The Governor addressed familiar also advised citizens Foke who want the holy month of giving charity in order to channel it in ways that are good. Good idea, he said, was donated through the Agency's special deals.

"Their rejekinya Goods times excess veins, donate is through orphanages or through institutions that carry out daily activities such kerjaanya," said Foke.

Police Ready

In the meantime, to secure the Jakarta and its environs, Polda Metro Jaya will lose about 20 thousand personnel. Security was also done to anticipate any groups that vigilantism.

"We will lose at least 2/3 of the Metro Police force. Between 15-20 thousand each year routine we scaled back plus Satpol PP and officers of Territorial, "said Wakapolda Metro Jaya, Bgen Suhardi Alius.

Suhardi confirmed, police officers will not stay silent if there are certain groups which do onar. Therefore he asked all parties to abide by existing provisions.

"All conditions will be when we. The community was also required to comply with the provisions of it, "Frank Suhardi.

She asks if there are people that find anomalies in the vicinity immediately report to authorities.

"We ask the community not working singly, if there's any violation or of any information presented on the apparatus.  We will move and synergistic. All will unite to face all these keamanann disorders in Jakarta, because we want Jakarta conducive in order to welcome Ramadan, "Suhardi said. (ren)

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