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Police: Ramadan, action Crime went up 100%

VIVAnews -Chief of police of the resort town of Bekasi Commissioner Imam Al-Kaabi said crime action during Ramadan predicted to increase. Increasing numbers of such criminality is due to the insistence of the perpetrators of crimes against the needs of Idul Fitri.

"After meeting the evaluation prior to Ramadan in Police a few days ago, apparently during the month of Ramadan, the figures of criminality in all regions of the average increased, including in Bekasi," he said, Thursday, July 28, 2011.

Forms of crime that often happens during ramadan the word Priest i.e. theft with pemberatan (gerebek) and theft with violence (curas). Like just last month, further Illegal priests, if the crime figures were 6 cases then predicted on Ramadan could reach 15 cases.

"Forms of crime that often happens during ramadan that Theft with pemberatan (gerebek), the second theft with violence (curas). The comparison if the month of crime there are 6 cases, predicted during Ramadan that figure increased 15 cases, "he said. "The rising cases of krimininal can achieve more than 100 percent."

Nevertheless he wished to make Ramadan this year 2011 in Bekasi conducive situation of peace. For that community to call upon the Priests could work together to help the police in maintaining the security of the environment in each respective territory, by way of securing the property puts de good security system that utilizes ngan, including not using striking jewellery for conducting activities outside the home.

"During the month of Ramadan, we ask for a role as well as citizens of Bekasi in securing territory in the respective environment, if it needed help from police custody, immediately contact the nearest police station," he said.

Report Erik Hamzah | Bekasi

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