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Polda's 3 in 1 Systems Are Not Effective

VIVAnews -Metro Polda Jaya Traffic Directorate ensures the application of the system three in one is not effective to address congestion in Jakarta.

In addition to apply only in such a short time, the social impact of these policies are also emerging more and more worrying. According to Deputy Metro Polda Jaya, Dirlantas Ajum Commissioner Tomex Korniawan, policy restrictions on vehicles with 3 in 1 system too easy just by paying a Jockey was out-manoeuvered. So that the application of the policy remains to make the traffic along the route 3 in 1.

"There needs to be a new policy to deal with congestion and replacing three in one," he said.

According to him, the most appropriate policy to replace the 3 in 1 is paid. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has meneken Government Regulation No. 32 in 2011 about management and Traffic Engineering. To implement a paid Street are still waiting for the rules to be issued by Government of DKI Jakarta.

Tomex continued, the implementation of the policy is also still waiting for regulations of the Ministry of finance, because it concerns the funds withdrawn from the public. "We're still going to do a study of policies to reduce congestion. Penindakan of Jockey 3 in 1 must continue to do, "he said.

In addition to the road toll, substitute 3 in 1 can be done in the near future is the system color restrictions of vehicles, which is considered more effective than odd-numbered system.

Vehicle color system easier implementation and easy monitoring, without having to see a vehicle.

When there is no problem, this policy will be tested in August, on a path that is already integrated with bus Transjakarta. Making it easier for the rider to choose public transport that will be used.

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