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Pemudik train and Motor still dominates

VIVAnews -Metro Area Police predict pemudik using Jaya motorcycles increased by as much as 15 percent in 2011. Lebaran It is not operating as train carrying motorcycles this year became a major factor that led to an increase in the number of pemudik motor.

Metro Polda Jaya Traffic Director, Commissioner Royke Lumowa predicts, the number of the motor still dominated pemudik citizens of Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and a number of administrative areas in Jakarta.

"Every day there are 900 more filing new motorcycle. This Data could be an indication of an increase in the two-wheeled vehicle diesel later today, "he told, Tuesday night, July 19, 2011.

Based on the data last year recorded there are 375 thousand pemudik crosses the line of towns in Central Java and East Java. With the addition of a number of pemudik motor, also increase the number of violations and the number of accidents on the road.

In order to anticipate it, it wished the pemudik does not use the two-wheeled vehicle to home villages. He also wished the Government to provide sufficient transportation for pemudik.

Meanwhile, observers of The City of Trisakti University Supriyatna acknowledge, improved Yayat utilized a two-wheeled vehicles would be hight rise significantly. A number of reasons ranging from expensive transport fares and frequency of trips which cannot be the cause.

The more expensive ticket prices are not comparable with the purchasing power of today's society. As a result, residents who want to go to choose to use the motor as its transport tool.

"Everyone's home village of kan wanted save cost in order to share with family. So it's hard to look forward to the citizens to buy a ticket at the price of expensive, "he explained.

His opinion, an increase in the motor must be anticipated pemudik Central Government and the PT KAI. In fact, changing only the more expensive ticket prices, but the number of departure frequency is not changed.

The Government should tighten and add quota travel so capable of accommodating the pemudik. Associated with the anticipation of the bus, according to Yayat creationism, it is not very effective.

Community options to go only to the two transportation vehicles, trains and two-wheeled vehicles. Many factors, the starting mileage was quick, efficient, and comfort reasons.

"One year's time should be enough for the Government and the PT KAI predict the need for transportation of bulk," he said. (adi)

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