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Passenger Station at KRL Sudirman Reduced

VIVAnews -it's been over two weeks the single operation pattern of KRL was in force. Since 2 July 2011, PT Kereta API Indonesia (KAI) operates Commuter Line-which is a merger between KRL Express and economy.

According to the Corporate Secretary of PT KAI Jabodetabek Commuter (KCJ) Syaheran, the main purpose of Prospering in the new operating pattern is to increase the number of passengers. However, he said, on the basis of the evaluation, there are some stations that experienced a decline in the number of passengers. "But there is also a ride, "said Prosper, to Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

Prosperous reveals, many stations that include Sudirman and Juanda. While the increase is rubber, Jayakarta, Mangga Besar, UI, and a new Sunday Market. "It could be that because now stopping at all stations on KRL, so passengers will not only focus on a particular station," he added.

Prosper said, regarding the complete data evaluation results will be delivered in a single operation a press conference tomorrow afternoon in his Office.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the user community, railway Mania Agam Faturrahman describes the KRL, until now, passengers still complain of a travel distribution is not good during rush hour. As a result, there was a passenger in a buildup of KRL.

"Like in the station's right did his Sudirman is reduced, so five of the six," said Agam. When Sudriman is one of the major stations given its location in the Centre of the city.

Hastuti, a private employee in Sudirman also claims to be number difficulties with the current schedule. Because, he said, at home office, the Commuter Line cross Bogor fastest at 17.18 WIT. "While I am kaluar office hour 16.00," light of him.

Consequently, the economic rise of subsidized Hastuti KRL which depart from the station Sudirman 16.30. "So I am now riding the trains passing anything," he added.

Padalah, before the new operating pattern is executed, he always rode Bojong Gede Express departure: 16. "If the economic side, now I am so much more efficient. Once I pulled out the USD 11 thousand to go home to Depok, now only Rp1500, "says he.

Hastuti does not own. There is also a longtime Anggraini and Hendra is a former passenger Express now switched to KRL economy. "Because people choose KRL to pursue fashion. The fast came it that we go up, "explains both. (eh)

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