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October, Train Travel Route Modified

VIVAnews -PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) plans to change the route of a train trip or rerouting by eliminating a number of railroad crossing. The first step is believed to increase the movement of train traffic in the region of West-East.

The head of the operational areas of Jabodetabek Purnomo Radiq says I change the route plan will be implemented in October 2011.

"The goal that doesn't happen crossing (a cross). As in Manggarai station. When KA's Bogor goes, all passengers from Jatinegara will wait long enough for the train line, "Purnomo said in Jakarta.

During this time, according to Purnomo, train Department of Tanah Abang-Bogor-Kota City and intersects at Manggarai station often. To avoid the queues to the detriment of the passengers, it will be made to change the route.

Plan destination train station the city just stopped at the Manggarai station. After that passengers who wish to, Tanah Abang, Bekasi, and others, it can change coaches. "Concerns the intersection of yesteryear, system of a double track will also be built. This will also eliminate the crossing, "he said.

Purnomo said, it is expected there will be no longer crosses the train the Bogor Goals and the town of Bekasi, Bekasi route because it will be created – Bogor. "This is to reduce the delay, having to line up. Keterlambatannya is quite high. We pray that this double track may be quickly built, "he added.

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