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Meeting at the Summit, Banggar DPRD DKI Violate?

VIVAnews -Agency Budget DPRD DKI Jakarta staged meetings BUDGETS-2011 Change at the top, Bogor, today is Monday, July 18, 2011. According to the Chairman of the Banggar who is also head of DPRD DKI Jakarta, Ferrial Sofyan, the reason for this meeting digelarnya outside the town of none other that members more concentration in discussing the budget. When the meeting was only done in one day alone.

"The reason there are a few things, the first one to be more concentration in discussing the budget and others," said Ferrial Sofyan, when contacted, Monday, July 18, 2011.

Ferrial denied, organizing a meeting outside the city is done solely to the members of the Council may bersantai-santai. "This budget has been Meeting four times, three times in the building, and once it's out. Okay, there are complicated rules kok, so legitimate, "he said.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of LEGISLATIVE Banggar, the JAWA Triwisaksana self-professed indeed participated in the meeting. However he did not know the reason the meeting is conducted outside the building.

"That decision is in the hands of the Chairman of the Banggar. Anyway, I think the meeting outside the building legitimate just done because there is indeed a rule, "said the would-be Governor of DKI from MCC.

Meanwhile, members of the Commission C DPRD DKI, Ahmad Husein Alaydrus ADI says, he did not know menahu if meeting banggar done outside the building that is in violation of the rules, because he just follows from the decision of the head of DPRD. "If I didn't know it was violated," said Ahmad, who is also a politician of the Democratic Party.

Unlike the members of the Commission E Wanda Hamida, who also is a member of the banggar. According to Wanda, meetings held outside the building was done because there is a guaranteed money meeting aka warrant road (SPJ). "If a meeting outside the city, we can be of SPJ Rp1 million," said Wanda.

Wanda admitted to behold him an agreed LEGISLATIVE meetings held outside the building. "Actually, I'm lazy if it should go to the top, I prefer held in the building," he said.

As known, in article 74, paragraph 2 PP number 16/2010 on LEGISLATIVE Drafting Guidelines on the Regulation of conduct of LEGISLATIVE Council members may be held, the meeting outside the LEGISLATIVE building as long as it has a particular reason. However, in paragraph 1 referred to LEGISLATIVE meetings, conducted in the LEGISLATIVE building.  (sj)

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