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Live on the land Illegally cannot be E-ID CARD

VIVAnews -Jakarta Government ensure will not provide service for the creation of an electronic Identification Card (e-ID CARD) to the citizens who live in illegal places. Although it was opposed to an appeal from the Kementeri of the Interior (Kemendagri) related to the creation of e-ID CARD.

DKI Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo said, the background of the rejection that none other because there is a regulation that higher i.e. Act No. 23 of 2006 about the administration of population and Regional Regulations (Perda) No. 4 of 2004 concerning the registration of the population and civil registration in Jakarta.

Both these regulations require that administrative service to the residents who have a residence certificate of RT and local NEIGHBORHOODS.

"We appreciate an appeal Kemendagri, but we will still be holding higher regulation, because the letter was to be an appeal. All the rules must be respected and executed, "said Fauzi Bowo on Town Hall of DKI Jakarta, Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

Fauzi Bowo also urged Kemendagri to immediately bring in other supporting equipment that is needed in making e-ID CARD, for 267 subdistricts of Jakarta was ready to facilitate that program.

"I hope in a short time, all wards are ready with the supplied standard equipment that was determined Centre, because the whole village clerk is ready, just wait for the equipment," he said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Office of population and the civil registry (Dukcapil) Jakarta, Purba Hutapea, confirmed, during the residency requirements of the Administration in taking care of ID CARD as well as the establishment of a RT and RW are met, then the Dukcapil will provide service to the citizens who do not have a Jakarta ID CARD.

"The authority I make illegal citizens if ID card, I submit to the Governor's policy," he said.

Meanwhile, when confirmed, the Mayor of North Jakarta, Bambang Sugiyono, said he was not yet received an appeal letter to Minister of the Interior Gamawan Fauzi related application of e-ID CARDS for citizens who are domiciled and the formation of the RT/RW in illegal places.

However, the Municipal Government of ditegaskannya North of Jakarta and other areas could not form the RT and RW on land occupied by civilians illegally, because there are rules prohibiting it.

"That needs to be emphasized, not an appeal it would undermine the existing order is already applied," said Bambang.

Bambang menyontohkan, if that is illegal given e-ID CARD and established RT/RW, later the people who lived under the flyover or Bank of times all have established RT/RW. When it's established RT/RW they could submit ID CARD, so that they are legal and so far finished their sojourn in the land of other people.

"So this problem needs to be coordinated properly. We have to see the impacts arising from those two things, "he said.

Dirjen Kemendagri Residency, Irman, say, the provision of e-ID CARDS to illegal citizens is not the task of the responsibility of the Office of Dukcapil, it is the responsibility of the Governor and the local Mayor to regulate and facilitate them in order to get ID CARDS.

In the letter of the Minister of the Interior Circular No. 471.13/2306/SJ on June 22, 2011, addressed to the Governor and Regents/mayors throughout Indonesia, explained that in Act No. 23 of 2006 about the residency Administration said, every resident has the right to gain residency documents, such as the family card, ID CARD, the Civil Registration Act, and the certificate of residence.

In the presidential Regulation No. 25/2008 is set, the registration of the population in the population and civil registration are in the area of its work include the domicile or residence of the population. Thus, the issuance of compulsory ID CARD based on the domicile or residence of the population.

However, for the e-ID CARDS for residents living in the location of the property of another person or State-owned or owned by business entities, local authorities cooperate with law enforcement authorities prohibited the inhabitants to live in that location.

Residents who already live in a location that's mandatory relocated. If it does not allow for the relocated or displaced, local governments must facilitate the establishment of a RT and RW residency document publishing so that it can be established in accordance with the provisions in force.

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