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KA tickets-3 H Lebaran Most Exhausted

VIVAnews -unlike previous years, the sale of train ticket counter (KA) in Gambir, Central Jakarta, no colored long line. Classroom ticket sales and business executives to departure admits the feast of Eid al-Fitr is running smoothly.

The line is too long is not possible because the user community has been using the facility booking RAILWAY tickets through outlets-outlet Indomaret online as well as the post office.

According to, watch list Monday afternoon, July 18, 2011, although the line is quite long but prospective passengers are quite orderly and no thrust. Some would-be passengers seemed to fill the ticket order form for RAILWAY departure H-3 or 27 August 2011 can be purchased today.

Sukirman (38), one of the prospective passengers with destinations in Surabaya pleaded not thought the line tickets this year isn't too long.

"I think antreannya will be very long because today's special purchase tickets to the H-3 and usually thrust, as of yesterday. I've heard from some of the other candidates, most of the passengers to buy tickets online at Indomaret outlets, "he added.

Sukirman said, her already know if buying a train ticket can be done in those places. However according to him the more convincing if purchased directly at the station because of the unfamiliar.

"I have not used if need to buy at the post office or Indomaret. So stick to the station. More afdol it feels, "light of him.

Meanwhile, there was a little disappointed that the prospective passengers who run out of tickets for the departure of the H-3. Like the word (32) the intention of getting a train ticket Executive Argo Ang­grek Department of Jakarta-Surabaya for departure August 27, 2011.

"I was lining up as early as at 08.00 but when I see on the screen, it turns out that seating is not available. Want to do more, tomorrow I will try to come up more in the morning, because earlier said security officers had many queued from dawn, "said Firman.

He also surprised because the ticket up to har­ga doubled reaching Rp650 thousand. "Whereas, weekdays only Usd 320 thousand. But ppa may create Yes purchased from on not returning home, "he said.

Before deciding to train tickets, mem­beli Lebaran sem­pat Word to figure out the price of airline tickets with the same majors. "I asked the dealer, he said the price pa­ling cheap Rp800 thousands, it still could rise again ahead of the Eid al-Fitr. So I decided it better to use KA, "he said.

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