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The judge Asked Icha Observe Mustache and Beard

VIVAnews -Naupal Al-Rashid, the power of the law of grace Sulistyo aka Icha, ask the judges to free his client from all claims. Because, in accordance with the facts of the trial, the whole article is alleged against a man disguised as a woman and then was married to fellow men, it is not proven.

According to Naupal, while the accompanying Icha read out in Court pledoi Bekasi, West Java, in accordance with article 266 paragraphs (1) of the CRIMINAL CODE of impersonation, Icha sued have put false information into the deed.

"But it's not the Icha authority," said Naupal in the main courtroom, Bekasi district court Monday, July 25, 2011. "Should the subject article that officials of the Office of religious affairs (KUA) Jatiasih. They are competent parties, enter a description into the authentic deed book of marriage. "

In his personal pledoi, Icha asks Judges to forgive all his deeds. In addition, in the script that he wrote hand pledoi in foolscap, Icha promised would be a real man if it were free it later. "I also ask that the judge give a light punishment," he added.

Icha says he faked all the identity in the ID CARD and KK, is solely because of the unfortunately to Mohammed Omar. "During the household with Umar, I am not demanding material. Thus I frequently help Umar, "he said.

Each month the Icha give money for at Rp500 thousand, because aware of Umar only Rp 1.250.000 salary per month. The money obtained from selling eggs at the front of the House of Umar.

At the end of the trial, presiding judge Matauseja Erna, requested that Mercy Sulistyo aka Icha no longer uses hairstyles such as Tintin, after already freely later.

"I asked for a ye Tyo (Icha), so that her hair kayak do so. Don't most watch music program on television when it's free. I am afraid of passion you appear more femininity, "he said before closing the hearing.

The judge also asked that Matauseja even keep the mustache and beard Icha to look like a real man. The trial will resume tomorrow Thursday, July 28, 2011, with the agenda of the General Prosecutor of Replik. (Report: Erik Hamzah, Bekasi)

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