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JAWA Publish Bonds Worth Rp1,7 Trillion

VIVAnews -Jakarta Government soon issued the bonds the area in the near future a number of Rp1,7 trillion. There are four project plan will be funded by bonds of this area in the early stages.

"We have been ready to bond area. Four proposed projects, among others, are Market Rebo, waste water treatment of Casablanca, the alley Karang Pulo Gebang and terminals, "said Fauzi Bowo on Jakarta's City Hall, Friday, July 29, 2011.

Said by Fauzi, electoral considerations in project area bonds, among others, have a direct relationship with the medium-term development plan (RPJMD) Area, there is no need for the liberation of the land, there is no need for relocation, gone through the feasibility study, as well as the JAWA has the authority to conduct the project.

"To mengkover the cost of the project, there needs to be financial eligibility and benefits. The project, its benefits have high precedence and financially should also be on the back up despite the contribution BUDGETS, "as the star.

Then, go to the HOSPITALS Market Fauzi, Rebo, bond funds, which will be published by Rp 184 billion. While the management of waste water in Casablanca is Rp 232 billion, Alley Crawl for about Rp 500 billion, and Terminal Pulo Gebang Rp 757 billion.

As known, this area was also keep bonds are subject to approval of DPRD DKI Jakarta. The plan, this will be done area bonds before the term of DKI Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo. (eh)

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