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JAWA Has Yet To Give An Evaluation Of The Spatial Plan

VIVAnews -up to this point and Spatial Plan Area (RTRW) Jakarta 2030 has not been signed by the Regional people's representative Council (DPRD) Jawa. The reason, the provincial Government of Jakarta has not yet submitted the evaluation RTRW 1985-2010 requested of the Board.

According to the head of DPRD DKI Jakarta, Ferrial Sofyan, the evaluation of the Executive was very important and is the main requirement for passage of a new RTRW can.

"We hope the executives immediately made a transparent evaluation of RTRW, and submit it to the Council in order for the new RTRW can be passed," said Ferrial Sofyan, Jakarta, Thursday, July 21, 2011.

Ferrial transparent evaluations described, which referred to the Council covering a wide range of spatial changes in the capital which could not be prevented. For example, the area of housing that has been turned into the business as in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Therefore, continued he, on the basis of spatial map, the area was yellow meaning a settlement. But now a business area. Whether it will change its color to red.

"If you want modified so red, it means that existing infrastructure such as roads, will not be sufficient anymore. To that end, inevitably had to dilebarkan. The thing is, Jakarta can afford or do not add to it infrastructure, "he said.

He said if after evaluation of Jakarta declared capable of adding infrastructure, no matter the yellow color is changed to red. However, if it turns out not being able to add infrastructure will certainly happen chaos, such as congestion or flooding.

"Of course we don't want that to happen," said he.

Ferrial explains, the current legislation of the Body Area (Balegda) on melanjutan RTRW discussion of DKI Jakarta 2010-2030. The discussion had been entered to article per article and also outline.

His opinion, after considering the results, the Balegda pass and the provincial Government of DKI handed the results of the evaluation, new diparipurnakan. "After all the discussion by our direct paripurnakan Balegda finished," he asserts. (adi)

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