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Icha ' Wife, Hemp ' Face Demands

VIVAnews -court case of impersonation by defendant Grace Sulistyo aka Octaviany aka Fransiska Anastasya Icha back underway. Today the Prosecutor read out the charges. The trial was held at the Bekasi District Court.

"His schedule around 11.00 P.M.," says the power law of Icha, Naupal Al-Rashid then contacted

Naupal Icha says ready to face the demands of this already. Former ' wife ' Muhammad ' Umar was going to come to trial. According to Naupal, Icha not deserve heavy penalties for the crime of falsification of identity that didakwakan him.

"Who forged just KTP, KK and Affidavits from the clinic. It is not detrimental to the crowd. Only personal and family as well as the Icha honor Umar and the family. But everything you've given an apology, "he said.

Therefore, the Naupal request that Attorney mempertimbangan. He hoped the Icha sued lightly. "If it could be under one year, he added.

The publication of the original marriage certificate, Filipinos, the public prosecutor, said Naupal, is not the only error Icha. But also the mistakes of the power and the head of the Office of religious affairs (KUA) Sub Jatiasih.

"True if his personal identity forge Icha. But right here the problem is the book of marriage will not exit if penghulu and KUA tidaklalai ". "They should have from the beginning of the marriage void Umar-Icha. Icha kan did not have a parental consent form and passengers of marriage. Besides Icha also take care of the terms of marriage are all disposable photo copies. The danger that if allowed to continue, "he said.

Naupal argued, though the Icha has falsified identity, but a formal, legally remains the object of liability, the agency that issued the KUA marriage license is valid. "Until the discharge letters, liability persists on the part of the issue," he explained.

Icha charged with article 263 of the PENAL CODE and one paragraph two of article 266 of telling jo and inserting false information into an authentic deed, with a maximum penalty of seven years in prison. (ren)

Report: Erik Hamzah | Bekasi

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