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I Liked The Protest, Moved The School

VIVAnews -Baruju Sago Allail (9), third grade students at SDN Jatimelati I, Village Jatimelati, district of jasmine Lodge, Bekasi, West Java, with both of her parents complained to the Mayor's task of Implementing the grace Effendi Bekasi. They protested against the decision taken by the principal of SDN.

Baruju student beprestasi who always got great 3 rankings issued by the head of the school SDN Jatimelati I, Jojo, because his parents have always been critical of a number of alleged wild charges that carried the school. Ibadah SDN Jatimelati I, Jojo, issued a letter to the departure of Baruju unilaterally. But strangely that issued two letters of Ibadah at once in one day, on 18 July 2011 with two different reasons.

On the numbered letter 421.2/44/SD-zap 028/VII/2011, there are two letters of the same numbered and dated the same. But the first letter
signed by Jojo Ibadah SDN Jatimelati I and was given a cap seals, stating the filing does not believe the reason is due to the departure of the teacher or school. And in another letter giving reasons for the move because it follows the parents.

Both parents are Baruju, Erniwati and Yuhendril, claiming to have never been invited to speak about it. "I did ask the various charges made by the school, because according to my knowledge, no other schools there are charges and such, but why at SDN Jatimelati I charges," said Erniwati, the Mayor's workspace in Bekasi, Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

When dialogue with PLT Bekasi Mayor Grace Effendi, Baruju and parents accompanied by Naupal Al-Rashid as a power law.

One instance where charges are charges for Erni awkward buy lights of Rp50 thousand per student. There are also reports relating to the levy on each acquisition. "Because in other school-no charges-charges, then I asked the school," said Erni again.

The critical attitude of parents Baruju often happens because the father Yuhendril just a pelvic porters in markets in Tanah Abang, Jakarta.
Yuhendril income only pas-pasan.

Upon complaint, the Mayor of Bekasi Grace Effendi, apologized, because as head of the area he was not yet capable of serving all the citizens of the town of Bekasi. "But I made sure that Baruju on Monday next week, has been able to attend school again as before," said grace.

"This Time I also mengintruksikan to the Head Office of Education City of Bekasi, to form the team in charge of investigating reports of parents Baruju, team member of the education service, Inspectorate and Chairman of the Department of law."

Grace Effendi also stated that if there are any later in the investigation of errors as reported, then he does not hesitate to pull in question from the post of principal. "Forward I hope no more children in the town of Bekasi who dropped out of school just because things like this," he said.

Naupal Al-Rashid, the power of the family law Baruju, stated that the principal of SDN Jatimelati 1 Kecamatan Jasmine Cottage, which had forced students to get out of the school was judged to have violated the Child Protection Act No. 23 of 2004. The school dinilainya has already done psychic violence to minors.

In addition it has been doing Ibadah insult, according to article 310 of the CRIMINAL CODE. Ibadah SDN Jatimelati I've done an insult to the elderly, and Baruju. "He (Ibadah) said, teachers in schools that do not want to teach, if Baruju is still a school there. This is an insult to its name, "said Naupal again.

"Anyway we'll see tomorrow. If Baruju is still denied school there (SDN Jatimelati I), then We will report to the police Ibadah. This is serious, because it concerns the fate of the young nation that wants to get justice, "he said.

Since the school issued unilaterally, Baruju the first child of two brothers, is forced to hitchhike studied at an Islamic elementary schools integrated, near his home in Bekasi Jatimelati. Baruju own during this often gets the value of 10 for IPA and lessons in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Jatimelati Matimatika I.

Report Erik Hamzah | Bekasi

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