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Hanura Nominated Djan Faridz

VIVAnews -another year Jakarta will head election menghelat area. A number of the candidate's name the number one person in Jakarta milling about, even though it is unclear which party it used to.

Today, the people's conscience party (Hanura) have confirmed his support to Djan Faridz. The assurance was made Chairman of the DPP Hanura, Wiranto.

"We decided in favor of Djan Faridz became Governor of DKI Jakarta. Because of this decision through the mechanism of the official party and through good qualification, then the DPP will soon issue a similar decision, "he said in the closing meeting of the Working Area (Rakerda) I DPD Hanura JAWA at Hotel Golden Boutique Jakarta, Saturday 16th July 2011.

Wiranto judge, the decision in favor of Hanura Djan Faridz was right. Therefore, the figure of Chairman PWNU Jakarta it has the ability as a leader, courageous breakthrough in resolving the various takes on the issue in the capital.

"Smart thinking from Jakarta to the Governor who broke the rules are normative nature. If a normative ya , just put it this way-just put it this way. There is no change. When asked about the flood this yearly issues, answered. Jammed? Ordinary aja, "said Wiranto.

About opportunities in the 2012 Election Djan Faridz, Wiranto claimed to be optimistic. According to him, DPD RI Members track record is proven and hence will be more easily communicated to the public.

Why Hanura relatively fast decisions than any other political party? "Let his preparation is more mature. Later we will have another coalition with the party. "

Before the DPD Hanura Jakarta, DPW United Development Party (PPP) had first supported Djan Faridz in elections next year.

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