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For the sake of money, this man Real Hunted Like Animals

This desperate man, Mork Encino, advertised himself on the site

YouTube - A man in the state of Utah, United States, ready to be hunted like an animal and are willing to die for it. All this is done simply to make some money to be given to his family.

This desperate man, Mork Encino, advertised himself on a site that displays photographs was hiding like a deer. Quoted from page Daily Mail, Wednesday, July 13, 2011, single 28-year charge of U.S. $ 10,000 or about Rp85 million for the hunt itself.

Encino calls himself a professional who can be hunted like a wild boar ran and hid like a deer. If you want him to be hunted while naked, then charged an additional tariff of U.S. $ 2,000 (Rp17 million).

"I am looking for a real man who claimed to sportsmen and bored with the game-that's all. I am a new hybrid with a thick skin with a subtle and hidden," said Encino.

The hunt was not kidding. The customers are allowed to use live ammunition and shot him to death. Encino said, if he is killed, he wants the money handed over to his family.

"I'm faster than wild turkeys, wild pigs are smarter than and willing to sacrifice for my family finances. If I get caught and killed, then you will get a pride among the hunters," said Encino.

Encino is an unemployed who are currently living with his parents. He threatened expelled if not also get a job. Previously he had worked as construction workers, waiters, gardeners and cleaners,

Not yet clear whether this bid has been through the legal process or not. Legal experts say if it is done, then the business is considered as one attempt suicide or homicide.
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