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Electronic ID CARD Can Not Be Faked

VIVAnews -Started 1 August 2011 citizens will use Identification Card (ID CARD) electronic or e-ID CARD. According to the Head Office of population and the civil registry (Dukcapil) Jakarta Purba Hutapea, advantages of e-ID CARD is to maintain the authentication data of the population, regulate the administration of population and the accuracy of the population.

"With the equipment used in the making, the e-ID CARD that will we apply certain antikloning and can not be imitated," said Jakarta's Ancient Balaikota, Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

According to the Ancient, e-ID CARD will be used by more than 7 million mandatory ID CARDS in Jakarta. In the e-ID CARD contained a security section that does not belong to others such as chip, including fingerprints, signature, photo and stem number of population (NIK) is the owner. So expect no impersonation or falsification that causes double ID CARD.

"With this system, which will make your ID CARD or a dual identity, because it would directly rejected the system will automatically find fingerprints," explained him.

Purba said the e-ID CARD has a technical age for 10 years. Later each resident will have the parent Number (NIK) or Residency a single identity number. Where else this will move the residents, only one NIK owned as its identity.

"NIK was already integrated in the data base Dirjen Dukcapil Kemendagri," he added.

For processes, she explained, one person will be served in just over four minutes using tools that donated Minister of the Interior. So, he added, in one day, one tool will spread out throughout the subdistricts in Jakarta in order to complete the e-ID CARDS for 150 people. In two weeks, e-ID CARD is acceptable to citizens.

"As a current liability, is already preparing the room for JAWA placement tool, because every tool needed space 2 x 2 meters. We also recruit operator, just wait for the technical guidance of Kemendagri, "as the star.

In addition, as many as 267 subdistricts in JAKARTA also needed the addition of electric power for the operation of the tool. But it seems to be borne by the Ancient Kemendagri. L.a.p.d. socialization, to advertorial on television will be carried out by the Kemendagri and the rest by Jawa.

"We make sure that H-7 the Prod should have been there," jaminnya. (eh)

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