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Coupon Lottery Syndicate Counterfeiters Caught

VIVAnews – Polresta Bekasi City catch accomplices syndicate fraud with fake lottery coupon insert mode into the packaging of food and drink sachet.

Syndicate this beromzet hundreds of millions of dollars to run the action in the area of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi and a number of other cities in Java and Sulawesi.

"The disclosure of these syndicates originated from the middle of deploying personnel suspicions raids on the road. Noor Ali Kalimalang, Bekasi, West of the Village-commissioned some time ago, "says Kasatreskrim Polresta Bekasi City, Kompol Dedy Murti Haryadi, Monday, July 18, 2011.

Advanced police suspect the three men, Dedy's central riding a motorcycle. As do searches against them, found a sharp weapon of samurai and rencong is hidden behind the jacket.

During examination, Polresta Bekasi City, suspecting they are syndicated fraudsters who spread false raffle coupon. One of the suspects are then asked to show where they operate in the way of Lampiri Kingdom RT 02 RW 12 Kelurahan Pondok Kopi Subdistrict Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

Inside the House, police found a variety of equipment used by the syndicate to defraud victims. The exhibits are secured between the other ATM as well as books of accounts in various banks, 17 mobile phones, two laptop computers, two printers, one machine laminating, two printers, two paper cutters, 16 book recap phone numbers, a pack of instant noodles, 10 packets of coffee, 38 bundle giveaway raffle coupons directly each contain 50 coupons ready for release, and 95 giveaway raffle coupon sheet directly that has not been cut.

While suspects are arrested including SY (19), SH (24), HR (31), HM (46), AM (34), SM (26), u.s. (35), and IS (19). Police are also still pursuing six other suspects are still at large.

The syndicate operated by spreading a raffle coupon lottery in various places. There were also a coupon that is inserted into the instant noodles or instant coffee powder then sealed the wrapper is opened.

In the lottery are listed a number of code and can be contacted by phone the victims who wish to redeem a gift. "When the victim called, each Member of the syndicate to play each role to steer penelefon to mentransferkan some money through an ATM or send a pulse," he said.

So far there have been five victims who report to Polresta Bekasi city. But Police suspect the victims of this syndicate action much more because, this syndicate had been operating since November.

"For the citizens of the other, we hope to further enhance the discernment. Don't be gullible contest with prizes, "pintanya.

The suspect has been arrested will be charged with article 378 of the CRIMINAL CODE with the threat of four years in prison. (Report: Erik Hamzah | Bekasi, umi)

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