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Car License Plate Rakornas Democrats Were Filled With Red

VIVAnews -meeting of the Democratic National Coordination, in Sentul, Bogor, entered the second day. VIVAnews.combased on the watch list, since Saturday yesterday, July 23, 2011, hundreds gathered at the red plate car parking location where the event was held at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC). A car with license plate number of the service range of the area there are also parked outside the building.

Surefire, the view was also caught the attention of people around. "Should this service cars for the benefit of the work, not the interests of political parties," said Ahmad, a resident of Bogor.

One of the participants Rakornas, Ershad, admitted coming to use the car service. The Chairman of the Democratic faction in Solo, Central Java, said he was one of the officials of the State, so that the right to use the facilities provided for him. "So, I followed the Rakornas uses the red plate," he said.

Rakornas is held in the middle of a wide range of corruption charges whack a number of Democratic elites, especially Chairman Anas Urbaningrum. In a television interview, the former Bursar Muhammad Rudi, who is currently at large, even specifically asserted about the flow of "money-REVISED" to ruling party elite. (Report: Ayatollah Humaeni, Bogor | kd)

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