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Bogged Down, Avoid The Marches Nasdem Party

VIVAnews -road users are required to avoid the area used for mass marches of the Democratic National Party would head the Office of the Ministry of law and human rights, in the way of Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

The March is linked to the plans of the initial registration of the party Nasdem to the Menkum of human rights, on Wednesday afternoon, July 27, 2011. Since the morning, hundreds of vehicles using the mass start star of ornamental Ancal area, North Jakarta.

They had gathered at the Hotel Indonesia, and moving towards the Office of the HUMAN RIGHTS Menkum. The current mass marches have reached the Market area of grass, Manggarai, South Jakarta. They would like to get together again in the area of monument proclamation.

"The position accurately, now it's already entered in the red light low drifting snow, Grass, and will Market towards Monument proclamation. Traffic conditions are indeed quite solid, "said TMC Polda Metro Jaya officers, Briptu dawn.

After that mass then moves again and headed to the Office of the HUMAN RIGHTS Menkum, and once completed, mass marches would traverse the Mountain Sahari, and returned to Ancol, North Jakarta.

Road users are required to avoid the area that will pass the March Nasdem Party when it did not want to get caught up congestion. So far the police continue to monitor the movement of mass marches to avoid unwanted kenjadian.

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