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Awkward, Investigators Testified in the case of the iPad

VIVAnews -a lot of awkwardness in the process of trial cases iPad with defendant Randy Lester Samu and Dian Yudha State. Arbijoto, expert witnesses who were present during the trial today assume any authority Office or abuse of power the police, because investigators also bear witness.

According to Arbijoto, when there are anomalies in the investigation, judicial proceedings are not continued seharusya. Moreover, investigators were also witnesses. "Unused legalitasnya Principle," he explained.

While the defendant's legal advisor, Virza Roy Hizzai says, the judicial process in this case is misguided. Because there are various anomalies.

The first gaffe that is all witnesses in this case is the investigator. Nearly all the witnesses during the trial it was investigating. "They exchanged roles bear witness," he said after the trial at Central Jakarta District Court, Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

Top of gaffe, turning legal advisor to the Prosecutor questioned why the case is still running even though there is a gaffe.

Other anomalies include a description of the witness with the APPROVAL of the accords do not each other. Dedy mahagraha, one of the members of the legal counsel of the defendant also highlighted the description of the witnesses.

"The witness said there was a shakedown while Eben witness Dimas denied there was a shakedown," he explained.

In fact the trial revealed that the searches at the Office of PT Aria Jaya formation, on the road. Mas Mansyur, Central Jakarta, police do not membwa pengeledahan letter, which indicated to Yudi, tops the defendant. But police only carry a warrant of arrest.  "From the description, the police only showed Yudi one letter only," he explained.

Legal counsel of the defendant alleged indictment the Prosecutor based on documents, including letters of shakedown, document APPROVAL. To that end, advisors will disputing this problem to the judge.  (eh)

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