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After the funeral, Amy Winehouse's body cremated

Amy Winehouse's funeral with Jewish custom has been carried out in the cemetery Edgwarebury, London, on Tuesday (07/26/2011). Amy's body had been cremated.
About 300 people gathered at the funeral of Amy's closest. Amy was a complete family is present.

Among those present close friend Amy, Kelly Osbourne also DJ Mark Ronson who co produced the album 'Back to Black' property. Remi Nicole singer and musician Bryan Adams is also visible there.

                                                      Kylie at the funeral of Amy (Getty)
Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse gives words of farewell to his beloved daughter. Mitch also told of Amy's childhood. Tears were flooding the funeral singer hits 'Rehab' is.

"Good night angel, sleep soundly. Mom and dad love you forever, "lid Mitch told BBC News, Tuesday (07/26/2011).

After Mitch's last word, the song 'So Far Away' belonging to Carole King, released in 1971 sung together. Amy's ashes will be mixed with the ashes of his beloved grandmother, Cynthia who died of lung cancer in 2006. After the funeral, Amy's body carried through the rows of fans who had waited outside the cemetery.

Amy died on Saturday, July 23 and in his apartment in Camden, London, England. Amy died at the age of 27. Amy Jade Winehouse goodbye.
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